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Vicente Montiel Leguey C.V.

Brief curriculum

Vicente Montiel Leguey is director of the Department of Physical Chemistry and the current director of the University Institute of Electrochemical of the University of Alicante. His investigation has been centred in the electrochemical synthesis and in the electrochemical treatment of residual waters. It is important to stand out his experience in the development of electrochemical processes, from the scale laboratory until the pilot plant pre-industrial. They are diverse the processes that have been implanted in the industry (production of 150 tm of derivatives of the N-Acetylhomocysteine with farmacological application) or the development to scale pilot in the university of Alicante (14 tm of S-Carboximetil-Cysteine), that endorse his experience in I D. It was driving of the first spin-off that was born of the university of Alicante in this field (the company I.D.Electrochemical, S.L). It has transferred to the industry the know-how related with the design, optimisation and manufacture of a system of Electrocoagulation (the TREAC 1000), that allowed that it created a company that commercialised these equipments. Also it received the Prize Promote of the University of Alicante to the business project: NANOSHAPES. Preparación de nanopartículas metálicas con forma controlada” in the year 2011.

At present, his investigation is focused in the Electrochemical Applied (electrosynthesis, treatment of residual waters by electrochemical methods without and with attachment of photovoltaic energy, sensors and biosensors; in addition to the manufacture, characterisation and use of materials nanoparticle and the design and optimisation of accumulators redox). It fits to signal that during his scientific path has published more than 100 scientific articles in magazines indexed of high impact, 18 patents, 2 books and 22 chapters of book. In addition to presenting more than 290 contributions to national and international congresses. On the other hand, it has participated and/or directed more than 140 projects of public and private investigation. It is censor of the best international magazines of his area.

In addition to having directed 15 theses PhD and 4 works end of master, has been the general coordinator of the program of interuniversity doctorate "Electrochemistry. Science and Technology that has agglutinated to 12 universities and that has the quotation of Quality (ref. MCD 2004-00142) and the quotation of Excellence. At present it is the coordinator of the master interuniversity "Electrochemistry. Science and Technology" that groups to 9 universities, being the one of Alicante the coordinator and the university Institute of Electrochemical the organ proponent.

In the field of the university management, it is necessary stand out the have exerted distinct one-person charges. It was secretary of the Department of Physical Chemistry (24/07/1991-02/07/2001), director of the Secretariat of Transfer of Technology and Knowledge (03/07/2001-21/03/2004), vice-chancellor of Extension of the Campus (22/03/2004-24/01/2005), vice-chancellor of Infrastructures and Extension of the Campus (25/01/2005-19/05/2008) and vice-chancellor of Infrastructures, Spaces and Environment (20/05/2008-07/05/2012). All they in the breast of the University of Alicante.

Regarding his activities in the field of the management of the I D, it is necessary to indicate that, from the year 2011, has the charge of director of the group of investigation of Electrochemistry Applied and Electrocatálisis of the university of Alicante. Besides, in the year 2012 was chosen President of the skilled Group of Electrochemical of the Real Society Spanish of Chemistry of national field, charge that has had until December of the year 2016.


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