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Jesus Iniesta Valcárcel C.V.

Brief curriculum

Jesus Iniesta Valcárcel, Professor associate of University at the Department of physical chemistry of the University of Alicante. Graduated in chemistry at the University of Alicante in 1994. Doctor of chemical sciences, speciality physical chemistry from the same University, under the direction of the teachers Antonio Aldaz and Vicente Montiel. (1999). Has done post-doctoral visits in Switzerland, EPFL, Lausanne, under the direction of Professor Christos Comninellis; in United Kingdom, School of Science and the Environment, Coventry University, under the supervision of the DJ teachers. Walton and IR Peterson and Dr. John Heptinstall; and finally, in Japan, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, University of Kyushu, Fukuoka, under the supervision of Professor T. Thiemann.

The main lines of research to which my attention presto essentially are:

  • The development of new materials and process for the desulphurisation of composite organosulfurados present in fuels by photochemical and fotoelectrochemistry methods
  • The influence of a field of ultrasonic in order to find new routes of synthesis and organic Electrosynthesis
  • Modification of biomolecules (proteins, enzymas, antibodies) by electrochemical methods with applications in selective marking of amino acids, immobilization of bioactive, biosensors species and the production of new proteins by pathofhysiological interest, for example, in diseases involving oxidative dysfunctions and consequences. Recently, is beginning to study the correlation structure-function of proteins by NMR as a result of post-traslacionality modifications of proteins, such as for example, the nitration
  • Investigation on how the different mechanisms involved in the stress oxidative affect to the biological systems. Study of the changes metabolómicos in biological systems (means of cellular crop or clinical samples, DNA and proteins in biological fluids), identification of the biomarcadores or especiaes chemical involved in the changes metabolómicos and design and development of sensors and biosensores electrochemical for the monitoring of the distinct biomarkers, chemical species modified or species radicalarias oxigen or nitrogenous involved in evento of stress oxidativo. Miniaturisation and multianalisis of electrochemical devices desechables.


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