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Brief curriculum

Roberto Gómez Torregrosa graduated in chemistry at the University of Alicante in 1990. At this same University, he obtained his doctorate in 1994 working under the direction of the Profs. A. Aldaz and J.M. Feliu. He received a Fulbright scholarship that made a stay postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. M.J. Weaver in 1995. He rejoined the University of Alicante as a University Assistant in 1996. Since 1999 he is Associate Professor (chemical Físca).

He has developed his research dealing with various aspects of electrochemistry of well defined surfaces in the groups of Prof. J.M. Feliu and Prof. M.J. Weaver. We highlight both thermodynamic contributions, contributions of a structural nature (through the use of the infrared spectroscopy and the scanning tunnel microscopy) and other more focused kinetic aspects (electrocatalysis). Within this line of research, he currently focuses on the study of the preparation, characterization and properties electrocatalíticas of Rh adcapas on monocrystalline electrodes of Pt (hkl).

Recently his main interest has moved to various aspects of the semiconductor photoelectrochemical (in collaboration with the Salvador Prof. of the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleoquímica of the CSIC). One of the lines of investigation focuses on the preparation and the behavior of thin layers of semiconductor oxides nanostructured (anatasa, rutile, WO3, SnO2, ZnO), which present peculiarities with regard to the classical semiconductor electrodes. The reactions that we are most interested are the radicals of the water and the substances organic simple whose understanding is necessary for the improvement of the characteristics fotocatalíticas of these materials. Apart from the measures of type is purely fotoelectroquímico (stationary and non-stationary measures) of photocurrent of fotopotencial, to complement these studies using vibrational wave (Raman intensified in surface and resonance, ATR-FTIRS,...) to identify the mode of adsorption of different molecules on the surface of the electrode. These studies will be extended in the near future to layers of two semiconductor oxides or an oxide and metal mixed nanostructured.

Other lines that is intended to be developed in the near future focuses on the preparation (by electrochemical and not electrochemical methods) and subsequent characterization of advanced materials based on semiconductor nanostructures for use as optoelectronic devices or catalysts. In this regard he has worked on the characterisation of thin layers of nanocolumnas of ZnO prepared by electrodepósito (in collaboration with the Prof. Marí B. of the Polytechnic University of Valencia).

Finally collaborates with Prof. J.M. Pérez in the Intensificada Raman Spectroscopy in surface-related research projects. To take advantage of enhanced for studies of the interphase metal/dissolution even under conditions of reactivity (NET farádicas flows).

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