CV Feliu Juan Miguel

Brief curriculum

Juan Miguel Feliu Martí­nez, Professor of physical chemistry at the University of Alicante (1993). Degree (1973) and Ph.d. (1978) in chemical sciences from the University of Barcelona. Director of the Institute of electrochemistry.

Addressed problems of research trying to establish relationships between the structure and the surface composition and electrochemical reactivity, in the fields of electrochemistry of surfaces and Electrocatalysis fundamentals. To this end, are prepared in single crystals of Platinum, gold, rhodium and Palladium with different orientation surface, including base levels, terraced surfaces and surfaces containing corners in a controlled manner. The modification of the surface composition is adsorbing submonocapas of atoms, trying to preserve the structure of the substrate. The surface properties are characterized using various atomic or molecular probes including charged species adsorbed on the surface. The electrocatalycs properties are focused mainly in the oxidation of organic and nitrogenous molecules. In this activity, he is the co-author of more than 180 publications and has given over 60 conferences at different congresses and meetings.

Elected President of the international society of electrochemistry (2003-2004), where he has been Chairman of the Division 1 (1999-2002) and National Secretary (1999-2001). Secretary of the Committee (Electrochemistry) I.3 of the IUPAC (2000-2001).

Associate Editor of the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry since 2003.

Director of six Doctoral theses defended.