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LAST MINUTE - News published in May 2013

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News published in May 2013
  • Monday, 27
  • María Gómez Mingot thesis defense

    Maria Gomez Mingot thesis defense

    Last Friday, May 24 proceeded to the defence of the doctoral thesis "Bioelectrochemistry Focused on Oxidative Stress: Modification of Proteins and Development of Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors" by María Gómez Mingot within the program of Interuniversity doctorate "electrochemistry. Science and technology"coordinated by this Institute. The thesis has been directed by the professors Vicente Montiel Leguey and Jesús Iniesta Valcárcel. In the photo you can see the new doctor together with the members of the Court, directors, with a representative from the Vistahermosa clinic who maintains a research contract that has been linked to the development of this thesis and the thesis (to see enlarged picture click in the title).

  • Friday, 3
  • IEUA logo

    Professor Antonio Aldaz WINS CIDETEC 2012 scientific career in electrochemistry.

    CIDETEC 2012 Awards jury, chaired by Professor Enric Brillas (UB), has resolved grant award CIDETEC 2012 of the modality of scientific experience in electrochemistry, worth 6,000 euros, to candidate Prof. Dr. ANTONIO ALDAZ RIERA from the Institute of electrochemistry of the University of Alicante.

    Also it has decided to grant the CIDETEC 2012 award of the mode of scientific research in electrochemistry, worth 6,000 euros, candidate Dr. PARAMACONI BENITO RODRÍGUEZ PÉREZ, Member on the day of the surface electrochemistry group of the Institute of electrochemistry and currently in the School of Chemistry of the University of Birmingham, for the work: "The promoting effect of adsorbed carbon monoxide on the oxidation of alcohols on a gold catalyst" published in Nature Chemistry4 (2012) 177.

    These awards will take place next month of July in the Assembly of the specialized group of electrochemistry which will be held at the annual meeting of this group in Valencia.

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