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LAST MINUTE - News published in November 2012

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News published in November 2012
  • Friday, 23
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    It offers research contract in the framework of a European project entitled: "synthesis assisted by microwave, ultrasonic and PLASMA".

    Home:: January/February 2013 duration: 3 years

    Degree: Chemical engineering, Bachelor's degree in chemistry or physics

    Contact: Roberto Gómez (Department of Chemical Physics-Faculty of Sciences I),

    Ruben Ruiz (Department of chemical engineering),

    This project aims the selective hydrogenation of alkynes using flow microrreactores in the presence of a catalyst and in combination with microwave and ultrasound. The work carried out in the University of Alicante will focus on the optimization of the reaction using COMSOL Multiphysics simulation conditions. The study parameters include the type of two-phase flow, the associated transport phenomena, Kinetics and distribution of reaction products, the effect of ultrasonic and acoustic field, etc. The work also includes the preparation of catalysts supported or not, and the experimental verification, to the extent possible, of the results of the simulation.

  • Wednesday, 7
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    At the meeting of the day 6/11/2012, the jury for judging the San Alberto Magno Prize XX to the best thesis in the Areas of knowledge of chemistry for the academic year 2011 / 2012, summoned by the Territorial section of Alicante of the Royal Spanish society of chemistry and sponsored by the above-mentioned Territorial section has decided unanimously granted the aforementioned award the doctor:

    Ms. MARTA COSTA FIGUEIREDO, for his work "Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Containing Compounds on Platinum Surfaces".

    The award ceremony will take place within the events of the day in the chemistry, which will be held November 15, 2012, in the room of boards of the Faculty of Sciences.


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