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Personal announcement collaborator junior I-PI 77-20

Announcement of the University of Alicante by which a pre-selection process is called to cover with a temporary contract a position of junior collaborating personnel for the project: "New components for lithium-sulfur batteries", of the University Institute of Electrochemistry.

Ending term presentation of instances: November 9, 2020

University of Alicante travels with NASA into space to recover water and produce energy from waste material

Nanomaterials prepared at the University of Alicante Institute of Electrochemistry are to be sent to NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) for use as electrocatalysts in an electrochemical device to study the ammonia oxidation reaction, as part of a project related to the purification of urine in space.

The nanomaterials have been designed at the Institute of Electrochemistry by PhD student Roberto Martínez, technician Francisco José Vidal Iglesias and researcher José Solla-Gullón and are made up of platinum (Pt) nanocubes supported by a carbonaceous matrix.

La prestigiosa revista publicada por la American Chemical Society, %u201CACS Catalysis%u201D, destaca un artículo firmado por investigadores del Instituto Universitario de Electroquímica

The prestigious magazine published by the American Chemical Society, "ACS Catalysis", highlights an article signed by researchers from the University Institute of Electrochemistry at the University of Alicante (UA) as one of the most cited in the last decade. This recognition coincides with the tenth anniversary of the journal in order to recognize the works with the greatest impact by scientists from Spain and France, countries that occupy the 5th and 6th places, respectively, by number of articles published by the American Chemical Society.


Specifically, the UA article is in the sixth position of the most cited articles in the last 10 years. This is the work entitled "Electrochemical Characterization of Shape-Controlled Pt Nanoparticles in Different Supporting Electrolytes" by researchers from the Research Group on Surface Electrochemistry Francisco J. Vidal, Rosa M. Arán, José Solla, Enrique Herrero and Juan M. Feliu published in 2012.

Resolution V "Antonio Aldaz" Award

The Jury of the V "Antonio Aldaz" Award for the best Doctoral Thesis in the field of Electrochemistry defended during 2018, formed by the members of the Governing Board of the Electrochemistry Group, has decided to award this award to Dr. Paula Sebastián Pascual for his thesis entitled "Surface influence on the first stages of metal electrodeposition in ionic liquids", made at the Institute of Electrochemistry of the University of Alicante and directed by professors Elvira Gómez Valentín (University of Barcelona) and Juan M. Feliu Martínez (University of Alicante).

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